inspiration: The Online Photographer

Posted in inspiration by jjlumagbas on March 18, 2011

1 of 3 of Mike Johnston's winter wonderland photos

Mike Johnston feels about snowfall the way I feel about sunsets:

Do you ever feel like you have to go take pictures of something?

This morning we had a late winter snowstorm that came down in big, sticky flakes and stuck to everything. Stop signs were white, not red; trees, cars, shopping carts at the grocery store, even power and telephone wires were coated with white frosting. And, as usual, I felt an anxious, nagging obligation to pick a camera and get out and photograph it.

Hey, I’m a photographer—and a winter wonderland snowfall is a photo opportunity. I’m obligated.

He then goes on to say it’s OK to put down the camera, and just enjoy the view. I agree. I know could photograph that sunset or fully experience it, but never both at the same time. Here’s to just looking.

The Online Photographer, Do You Ever Feel This Way?

inspiration: The Online Photographer


inspiration: Chris Sisarich

Posted in inspiration by jjlumagbas on February 21, 2011

Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere on the Behance Network via iso50


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inspiration: Brian Ho

Posted in inspiration by jjlumagbas on January 31, 2011

First impressions – it really looked like having a party or a small gathering in someone’s home – so cosy, so comfy and so personal, to a point that I forgot I was attending a wedding. It’s like having a barbecue session at the garden of my old home. I love weddings done this way. You may say it’s a personal taste but I always felt that wedding is such a private affair that should only be shared with people who are very close to you.

My thoughts exactly.

Brian Ho: thegaleria

While you’re at it, see weddings.

inspiration: Nicholas Alan Cope

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I would please like a large print of this on my wall.

Nicholas Alan Cope via butdoesitfloat

inspiration: rather childish

Posted in inspiration by jjlumagbas on February 4, 2010

Darker Plans. (Vintage Boba Fett, Vintage Darth Vader, Vintage Imperial Commanders)

How much mood can you evoke with just action figures? Rather Childish uses pose, light, and pov to answer, “Quite a lot, actually.” Click through, he’s got a lot of great fun stuff. Attention: Strobist.

Imperial Gunner. (Vintage Emperor's Royal Guards, Vintage Imperial Gunner)

The Sand People Strike Back. (Vintage Sandpeople)

Hammerhead. (Vintage Hammerhead)

inspiration: marc climie

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Marc Climie (who shoots weddings) blogged this photo of his daughter some months ago. He portrays her so tenderly (as only a father can?), that you see her but look away immediately, feeling like an intruder on a private moment.

inspiration: georges rousse

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Georges Rousse paints floors, walls and ceilings so that at a single vantage point (like from where this photograph was taken), the colors line up to form geometric shapes. (But not just geometric shapes, check his site).

Photos from theSCOOP. Via A Photo Student.

inspiration: jake verzosa

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I like how these photos by Jake Verzosa (for Preview) are simultaneously gentle and tense. Each frame feels like a slo-mo shot of a falling glass figurine.




Other shots here at Jake’s blog.

Some guy posted a few of the magazine pages here. Best: Kim Chiu. Awkward: Melissa Ricks.