inspiration: The Online Photographer

Posted in inspiration by jjlumagbas on March 18, 2011

1 of 3 of Mike Johnston's winter wonderland photos

Mike Johnston feels about snowfall the way I feel about sunsets:

Do you ever feel like you have to go take pictures of something?

This morning we had a late winter snowstorm that came down in big, sticky flakes and stuck to everything. Stop signs were white, not red; trees, cars, shopping carts at the grocery store, even power and telephone wires were coated with white frosting. And, as usual, I felt an anxious, nagging obligation to pick a camera and get out and photograph it.

Hey, I’m a photographer—and a winter wonderland snowfall is a photo opportunity. I’m obligated.

He then goes on to say it’s OK to put down the camera, and just enjoy the view. I agree. I know could photograph that sunset or fully experience it, but never both at the same time. Here’s to just looking.

The Online Photographer, Do You Ever Feel This Way?

inspiration: The Online Photographer


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