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vows, originally uploaded by jjlumagbas

El-el and Ryan passed on the modern wedding “necessities” (towering cake, 3-page guest list) to focus on the real essentials: family, friends, and the commitment they were promising, in spite of the mayor’s warnings (from experience, apparently) of difficulty ahead. Isn’t that really all you need?

Everyone was relaxed. No one panicked when the mayor asked for the coins (they weren’t brought). Instead, everyone gamely reached into their pockets to raise the needed 13 5-pesos. (The mayor even called out to his staff if they had any!) You get so used to the manic everything-must-be-perfect! of today’s weddings. This was refreshing.

I’m conscious though that my pictures lack a lot of pretty (sorry El! not your fault, promise). Shouldn’t real wedding photographers produce dreamy, romantic shots? Maybe soften filters will help? I dunno. To do: work on pretty.

Click here to see the full set.

el-el (9)

el-el (17)

el-el (28)

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