sir regner

Posted in portraits by jjlumagbas on January 20, 2009

sir regner

sir regner leads the violin ensemble in our church. he retired from the US Navy and moved back here to give free violin lessons to church kids. there are now about 30 kids i think in the ensemble of which i’m probably the oldest, 22. the youngest is maybe 7 or 8.

he has a speech impediment that makes it hard to understand him, and he gets cranky sometimes, but we love him.

this is one of the pics in this series: WHERE DO I GO? Walking in the Spirit – come at 230 (click here)

every sunday morning we set something up in the lobby of our church as publicity for our weekly youth program. this week we set this up on the floor of the lobby and asked people who were coming in to have their picture taken. we uploaded the pictures to a laptop hooked to a projector so that we could show them right away. from about 80+ pictures, these are my favorite. while they aren’t topnotch technically, i had a lot of fun taking them, and i think these ones turned out pretty ok. which ones do you like?

sir regner, originally uploaded by jayjaylumagbas.

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